Sunday, August 18, 2013


she  said she wanted like her own identity
she said stuff like that to me but i think she is bullshitting
she is always saying stuff like that but i don't think she means it.
in our group we battle things out but she was fully like wanting her things her way
i know, if she thought stuff was wrong she would nut out and become more stubborn
she was so quiet and gentle, i am so cute and small rah rah rah
and the way she dresses i would not see her that way
she is so funny but
i mean i wanted to say that is the dumbest thing ever but  she didn't need to hear it from me
how can we encourage her
she is so lost
she covers it up by saying things like
i find it funny
i wish she would be more open about it.
i hate kay he has never been nice to me
he is so cold
it is so funny she said none of the boys like you guys
thanks genelle.
She is telling everyone different things
i always hide myself around myself
they are geeky
they look at us like us
I don't know what they expect from us.

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