Thursday, October 31, 2013


In the sky
Powder blue gelato air
The kindest cut

In the street 
Outside the window
People  with little money
clothes washed to a shapeless comfort
In the shop windows 
disposable garments
heels  so high they appear correctional, quasi limbs missing from birth  or accident.

Outside the window
The birds on the large green field, evenly spaced, a mix of marine and terrestrial, sizes and colours
As they lift and resettle their collective movement reprints a complete pattern 
again and again.

Inside the window 
The young man  stretches
pushes his chair back off its front legs
raises his arms above his head, revealing  a bare midriff  
a kitten's lets play
but as they all do 
he catches himself 
shuts up shop
bumps suddenly forward.
He has the ice blue eyes of a young narcissus  gazing intrigued and aroused
sickened by all that is not him

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