Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Class Life: the mash up.

World Class Life

Coming here tourists will swim in a world of sheer luxury and exclusivity
the pool water was so cloudy  we could not see the bottom of the pool
always there are guys standing at the entrance
and open the door whenever guests come
the  processed ambience quickly renders customer’s senses
 a pillow menu and a choice of exclusive soaps
signature long stem 430 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets
with stained carpets all around our bed
sunglasses cleaning, and daily beach treats served on a complimentary basis
coral species that can survive the next hot water events that may affect the gulf
set off in search of Hanuman, the monkey god and legendary guardian of the bay
gave him a tip, he was very happy and swarmed me with many bottled water everyday
the TV system hanged a few times and we had to call 2 times
the perfect blend of idyllic tranquillity and perfect comfort
somewhat outdated furniture
the discerning connoisseur will come to expect
infused with an ambiance enhanced by touches of aesthetic charm
grime buildup on the white doors
and lets them indulge themselves in the seduction of brands
however, after 3 hours, the TV hanged again
even though they come from the world-class life
they may find it hard-pressed in the experience here.

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